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Oregairu Ends: A Series Review

Oregairu, or My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as Expected, or Yahari no– Okay anyways. Oregairu is over. There are very few high-school anime that are actually good, and for the past decade or whatever Oregairu has been one of them, alongside White Album 2, Toradora, Hyouka, and… Aku no Hana I guess, though that … Continue reading

DC’s Harley Quinn: A Plot-Driven Comedy

I don’t like superhero stuff. It’s a genre that’s inherently hoaky, which is fine, but most of its modern iterations try to use that base assumption to spin perceived depth out of just ‘not being a stereotype.’ Unfortunately, dabbling in basic concepts like ‘actions having consequences’ or ‘characters not being morally uniform’ doesn’t inherently make … Continue reading

Bloom Into You: Anime and Manga Review

Guys, I’m kinda obsessed with Bloom Into You. I’ve had my eye on the shoujo-ai genre ever since I finished the excellent Aoi Hana back in college, and while I’ve found a few other great ai stories throughout the years I hadn’t found anything that actually topped Aoi Hana until now. Yes, I do believe … Continue reading

The Disappointment That Was Eizouken – A Review

It feels wrong to swing the hammer at a show made by Masaki Yuasa. Everything the distinctive director has been responsible I’ve enjoyed immensely, and even his messier works like Kaiba and Kemonozume were full of heart and punch. Last season’s Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! was different though. I had to drag myself to … Continue reading

Oregairu, Past and Future

I haven’t read the light novels, nor will I ever. Every light novel I’ve ever touched has scalded me with its egregious prose. That said, this will spoil the entire show, so if you haven’t watched it yet, careful. The best fix this world has to offer is a good anime romance drama. Stop being … Continue reading

Kill La Kill and Focused Theme

Thanks to the endless quarantine time provided by our dear friend COVD-19, I recently accidentally re-watched all of Kill La Kill, the hyperactive first child of Studio Trigger and golden standard for utter nonsense. Following vengeance-driven Ryuko Matoi as she makes her debut at the bizarre and mysterious Honnouji Academy, Ryuko quickly realizes Honnouji isn’t … Continue reading

Series Review: The Nevernight Chronicles

Good eve, gentlefriends, I see you’ve returned with a hunger for more regarding our tragic tale. O’, there’s little I can say to put your heart at ease, but prithee, rest your weary arse upon your seat if you wish to hear my sordid thoughts, and pray that you have the stomach to handle them. … Continue reading

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