The Stern, Dry Facts

Hey Everybody, I’m Christopher Kay.

Every day I wake up, look in the mirror, and envision my destiny. Spotlights. Book signings. Entire subcultures devoted to my ingenious worldbuilding and unforgettable characters. A smile dances at the corner of my mouth. What could possibly stop the inevitable?

Then, a lurching in my gut. The feeling that I’m forgetting something. I raise my hand to stave off the overhead light, squinting past the glitz and glamour of the mirage, where a simple truth is etched into the glass:

You’re a tasteless hack, and you lack both talent and discipline.

Bummer. Anyways, who needs a successful literary career when I can just start a blog instead?

The focus here is fiction analysis, but the focus beyond that is just having a good time. I deeply believe that in spite of what every high-school English class has drilled into us, analysis can be extremely fun. I’ll do my best to keep things entertaining; after all, what good is cutting, brilliant insight if it’s so dense and dull that no one wants to read it?

Essays, analyses, comparisons, reviews: anything goes, so long as the focus lies in the great wide world of Magical Made-Up Stuff. And, of course, I’ll throw in a few of my personal short stories and such along the way. I’ve got a MyAnimeList account that has loads of text about my thoughts on various anime, so if you’re interested feel free to head on over there.

Happy Reading!